I have to talk about Miley.

I’m going to put in my two cents about Miley Cyrus. Because I can. Because I’m annoyed. Because I have been “there” and because I am a mother, and a sinner to boot.



When I was 19 years old, I was running around at parties, driving in my car looking for trouble, kissing random boys, and smoking and drinking. I WAS the girl who dressed to impress, and I liked the attention.  Maybe I didn’t wear a nude Latex ensemble and slap some booty, but I went to clubs, and I was no stranger to shaking “it”. 




The only real difference that I see between my rebellion against God and Miley’s is that hers is mass distributed in your face through your television screen and permeating your ears on the radio. If I had had the platform to shove it in people’s faces because I WANTED to offend people, I probably would have, because I hated my Creator, and my ultimate authority. 




I’m not impressed by the shock people are in. It wasn’t shocking to tune into a godless show, where people get awards for singing about promiscuity, showing nudity in their videos and desensitizing you to rape, racism, and murder. We think nothing of cheatersor divorce, or abortion because of the conditioning going on with the music we let into our minds. It does affect us. Even if we don’t think so. 


It wasn’t shocking that women were wearing next to nothing, dancing up on men and acting slutty. What did you expect? These people are pagans that by their very acts show their hatred toward the creator that their image bears, and they celebrate sexually “liberated” culture.




Just remember that however publicly she is lost in a dark place, so are other teens and young women in private. This situation isn’t special, or isolated. It’s just not hiding in the shadows at a house party, or in a strip club where young girls turn to because their daddies didn’t love them growing up, so they are punishing them. I’m sure the heart of Miley’s dad is crushed and broken for his daughter just as mine was the day I told him I was pregnant out of wedlock.




Yes, raise your children to not be like Miley. But what does that mean? I’m sure her daddy raised her to not be like Britney, so she one upped her? You can lead a horse to water. 




Here’s the thing, you are powerless to keep your children from doing anything in the end, even if you blow up the tv, and you put parental controls on the computer, you only let them listen to K- love. Sin will find a way. Be diligent and pray for your children, but lets stop pretending that there is a magical formula to create a super achiever that does no wrong. Guess what? For all the crap I did wrong, I was the “golden child”. And I was still that bad. 







“Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)




That doesn’t mean they will never waiver, or even walk away from their faith. But they won’t forget what they were taught, and by God’s grace, return and be reconciled to their Maker. 




I’m thankful everyday for my parents that instilled the gospel in the hearts of myself and my siblings. They didn’t have a perfect formula, they just had a perfect God that they trusted to do His will in our lives. I praise God that all three of us have been restored. Those were some testing years for my parents.




Miley’s situation is the rule, NOT the exception, we are all sinners. We need to certainly pray for her, and pray that God would spare and protect our children from a similar fate as hers, and stop relying on ourselves to come up with the “right way” to parent – there is no such thing, not really, sure, dont throw the baby out with the bath water – do your best by your kids. 


Sadly, Miley is an example to our children for what we DON’T want to be; there always has to be a sacrificial lamb to show what not to do. I’m sure my life scared some people straight too. Miley isn’t completely lost yet. She can still turn from her sin, God can still work on her heart through the Holy Spirit. He could. He is able. 




For now though, she’s the role model of who you don’t want to be. I want to be more like Jesus though. That’s the only role model we should want for our kids, the only one who can be held to a standard, because he created it when he stretched out his arms and died for sinners like me, and the sinners like Miley. 




Jesus is for the weak and broken hearted. He came for the poor and the sick. He came for the people people who  dance on stage with pedo bears, and the girls that dance on poles. He came for the girl pregnant out of wedlock, for the ones struggling with their sexuality,and the only thing he wants in return for salvation is your surrender to Him.  He certainly never told you to wait to come to him after you have your life in order either. He wants all of you now, hot mess and all.




He says “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30)

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy. (Jude 1:24)

That means warts and all, repent, be forgiven, and follow him. depart from your ways and strive to walk in his, and when you fail, Jesus covers it so that God still sees us as righteous. Lets pray for Miley to do the same, and remember that we were once without the knowledge of Jesus as our savior.